Mar 24, 2016

Negros Oriental Day 2: Tabing Boulevard


Photo from Karla Quimsing.
Flor suggested we'd have "themed" selfie. So after Tabing Dagat, we had Tabing Boulevard. From Bacong, we "trekked" early to Dumaguete. Except for Mark and Franee, everyone went on foot to get some sunrise & breakfast in Dumaguete.

Flor and I were ahead of the pack because we did run-walk...
and pose.
We even got to be in a fun run's... finish line. When we arrived at Robinson's area,  it was timely that a fun run was starting. We got a finish line too. :)
Then on to the famous boulevard of Dumaguete.
Then on to the yet another famous eatery of Dumaguete, Painitan which is in their public market. It can be chaotic so be a "cowboy."
They're famous for puto and sikwati, but they also serve various breakfast dishes. 

And that they serve different variety of Sikwati: there are "pure" (no sugar or any thing) and "sari-sari" (tsokolate mixed with milk), then there's more. I think better go for "pure" then you just do the mixing of other stuff like sugar and milk.
Because we are "young and full of energy," we decided to do another "trek" at Casaroro Falls in Valencia. I think everyone were not first-timers to this falls except for Karla and I.

And oh I LOVE the trek to the falls. It was no longer paved because of typhoon Sendong so the bridges and platforms were gone, and were replaced with big rocks. It's like total body workout but just so refreshing because the place is so green!
Perfect for "chansing" moments...
If you pick a man, pick a man who will not only pick you up, but also pick up some trash.
(Franee for save the river, picking up some water bottle of some useless human.)
Fashionblogger "buhis-buhay" pose.
I wish the trek did not end, truly enjoyed going up and down the rocks! @.@ I missed trail running big time!
"Tabing Falls"
But I had to confess that there's one thing I hate about the Casaroro Falls, the going up to the entrance. @.@ It's probably 300M of straight-up ascent! But that's part of the charm.
Lunch was at a Plaza in Valencia. They have this sort of "al fresco" foodstrip, which is probably part of their market, only it's facing some sort of a park and the Church, and there lots of big trees around which tamed the heat.
There are their own "painitan" version serving tsokolate and coffee made of their "local" beans, ice cream shop, breakfast place aka "americanized" carenderia, and the typical carenderia. 

And the best part is the European feels of al fresco dining! :) And there are few doves loitering the place, and we can now call it "Little Rome." 
Then it was a rush of prepping up for the wedding which was to bein 3:30pm. And an award should be given to "yayafab" Flor for glamourizing us all, including her self in such a short time span. Well, we're not that hard to beautify. :)
The wedding venue at Tierra Alta was so romantic. It was in a clubhouse of some fancy subdivision in Valencia which was on top of a hill facing Mt. talinis. Their view is so pretty it's not FREE. @.@

I'm not a flower person but The flowers at the wedding were so pretty that i wished to take them all home with me.
This wedding was probably for me, I saw orange every where!
The beautiful groom and bride, who made this trip possible.
I wish them a marriage as beautiful and edgy as Casaroro trek, as "calming" as Tierra Alta, and surrounded by wonderful people through and through. 

"Tabing Couple"

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