Mar 31, 2016

Boxes & Rack

A neighbor asked if it's "temporary or permanent."

It took me a few seconds to understand what she meant. In my mind, I was like "Of course, life here is TEMPORARY." 

With the recent death of my mother, my sentiment about "temporary" has magnified; that every thing in this world is temporary. 

Thankfully, before I'd blurted out some nonsense philosophical life issues, I realized what she really meant. She was referring to our moving to the rented house from our own house. Temporarily means we're renting because we're going to expand our own house then move back to it after; or permanent because we're selling our old house or we're buying the house we'll be moving to.

Being a boardinghouse girl for half of my life (assuming I'm still 30 at this moment), there's always that "girl scout" feeling of me -- to be always ready to move to yet another place. And, though we've been in our own house for 8 years, that feeling never left me. Like as much as possible, I like to keep all my things to fit in a box or 2 which I can easily lug around with me when the need to move will arise.

There's a good and bad side to it:

Bad because I could never bring myself to decorate a house because more boxes would be needed in packing them up in case we need to move again.

Good because my boxes just perfectly fits in Mark's RACKS obsession. Racks is another story. According to Mark, it's like a framework where you can insert different apps or something like that.

So every time I see a pretty rack, I fall inlove. LOVE: that is something permanent. @.@

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