Mar 13, 2016

Siargao Day 4: Friendzoned

went to the beach area and stArgazed for the last time. It's like my farewell to Siargao. I then noticed fireflies swirling around the tree near me. I was probably still a grader back in Badian when I last saw a flock of fireflies. Oh sweet nostalgia! Siargao's definitely such a tease. It's like doing this little tricks to keep me drawn to it. Siargao is just that effortless charming. 

If Siargao is a boy, he's definitely like that of a laidback next-door pretty boy surfer dude, trippy harmless. You just cannot help but fall for his boyish no-care attitude. You can just lounge with him forever in the hammock, and talk a bit of this and that intellectual stuff / deep thoughts.

But sorry, Siargao lover surfer boy, I could not fall for you... for now. Or maybe you came too late. But then I guess we're really just good for a fling. 

Because Despite being having this low-key profile, you're kind of high-maintenance. I need a sugar-daddy to keep this hang-loose lifestyle for both of us.

Siargao is probably the trip that I felt a little ache of living it. Alysa, the host of Pacific Island Villa, said that some of his guests would end up staying for months. It was a bit hard to leave since I kinda get attached to the laid-back routine we had; when I finally got into the vibe of the place.

Our Day would start with a morning run or stroll along the path in between a beach and coconut trees. 
Breakfast would then be coffee and bread topped with fruits from the local vendors.
Then maybe a dip at the beach after breakfast; then head to a yoga class at the beach. It's just feels good to be doing a tree pose side-by-side with real trees gazing at the beach with the sound waves. 

(With the Chinese yoga teacher who is so pretty in her tan. She looks like Mulan. I look like a lesbian beside her.)
Then post-yoga treat at Buddha resort or any of those hip-looking cafes,
where the husband would patiently wait for me. 
I would then just take all my time finishing my salad and coffee, just lounging.
Then, we'd head to some place like Dapa, visit a relative, and got feed with huge crabs.
Go home, and take a siesta. Then for dinner, go out to some carenderia or some fancy place.
Then Go home, maybe watch some sappy TV series or stargaze or take a dip. 

Oh Siargao, you're just too good to be true. If I had met you way before, I would probably have no problem of leaving everything behind, and relocate there; and get a resto waitress or hotel staff job then write a book on the side, or learn to surf and become a tutor, a tour guide.

But then I can no longer afford that now. So let's keep our relationship at friendzoned.

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