Mar 29, 2016

Small Talk

I I'd been buying from this flower vendor in the "old market" of Minglanilla, Cebu for sometime for the 9-day visit to my nanay's tomb.

On the last day of the 9-day visits was only I learned that she also does flower arrangement. So I asked her to do one for me. While I sat down waiting for my flowers, we had small talk.

(The eatery beside the flower vendor was soooo attractive.)
But no, we did not talk any thing about political, agricultural, economic issue. 

We talk about their rich neighbors in their farm of Brgy. Malubog. The IPI who owns Mountain Resort where they get a free pass every New Year, the Sirao farm where which has now a P20 entrance fee. Literally, she's part of that friends in high places. (If we walk/trek a little further at the back of Mountain Resort or at any area of the Transcentral Highway, we can actually find a lot of flower farms. But might as well not bother them or else their crop will be destroyed. @.@) 

We also talk about the weather. According to her, Weather's really not good lately, her flowers' prices are getting expensive lately.

P150 for this flower arrangement. They deserved it, maybe more than that -- like world peace. :)
Pass this UK place, and this gown dangling would be perfect for my flower.
Finally, something decent flower for the mother.
I'm going to miss the Monday myBus rides, and that friend in high places.


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