Apr 24, 2014


Lunch at Lantaw. 1st time in any Lantaw resto.
Then to Canso X in Balamban, Cebu. It was quite a long drive when we have nearer mountains. But it was still worth it.

The kids were counting the mountains on our way there. They said Canso X is the 3rd mountain from the city.

So we hope to go trekking as what we saw in their marketing. Thus tad disappointed when we're not able to go all the way trekking because they don't allow without orientation and a guide because the person to do that is not there. Anyhow, we did what we could.

It was still a blast!

Meg picked a round stone, doodled a face on it, take it around with her, and named it Rocky.
We checked the camping ground.
Open zoo?
Kapoy and yaka
And, got stoked!

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