Apr 23, 2014

Cafe Egao: mind-blown coffee experience

Earlier today, Paolo shared to me a video
Of cafe madge in Iloilo City, and it was just amazing to see the barista do it the old school manual way. You know how we love the novelty of the old school way.

And so I always wonder what is the best coffee experience can be.

After pechakucha at Gilt, we stopped at Cafe Egao in Talamban. We've been wanting to try it, dubbed as the the Japanese coffee shop, but just had not found the time. So finally we were able to visit it.

I love small quaint coffee shops owned by coffee enthusiast, and Cafe Egao is exactly like that. That homey kind of feeling minus the budgeted architecture and interior design of coffee shop chains.

But I got totally stoked when the first thing I saw upon entering the place was this lady brewing coffee manually with her different very basic gadgets that looked mismatched with one another. (Though I don't think those "basic" gadgets are really cheap.)

 And, I got more stoked when she said that they have fresh beans, which they can roast on the spot. Is that ever possible? I did not know there is such thing. :)

The fresh beans...

Something I learned from the barista is that the finer you ground the beans, the stronger the coffee will be. I really thought it's the opposite -- the coarser = the stronger.

I love the messiness of the place, which I could not tell if it was intended to be part of their interior design, or it's just how the place is. 
And, i wonder if this is how are coffee shops in Japan. It's functionally romantic (i do not know what word to use to describe the feeling of the place). Now, I wanna go to Japan!

Mi ramen
I so wanted to try the fresh beans, but i'm scared i might not be able to sleep so i opted for a latte, to which i could feel that the barista was disappointed with my choice. :) After all my inquisitions, then I just ended up with a latte? "Girl, you better go back to your starbucks, and order frap," according to the look of the barista. Kidding. :)
Fresh beans, I'll be back!

I guess I could say that was one of the best coffee experience. It's probably what you call it's not about the destination, it's the journey. 

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