Apr 12, 2014

Medieval day: The sub cultured

I mainly belong to the mainstream, and that means I son't really get the comic culture, the artsy fartsy, the literature, the music, not even anime.

But then, luckily, I have friends who are cultured. And, though I don't really get what they're so crazy about like that GOT "throne" and the boardgames but they're overwhelming passion did not fail to sweep me off my feet. 

So anyway, I cannot say in details much about the event (because i don't watch GOT or play board games) except that all kind of hipsters and "artists" to bordering to "weird" for my taste are there. It felt so ALIVE!!!

On the other thought, thanks coffee for making me not so out of place. 
Jon Snow and Chyrel
People in costume and make-believe
Poy the all-media gamer -- from online, video to this. He with friends created for your classy boardgame needs. No not that snakes and ladders., you again!
My daughter in her princess costume, and her voodoo doll loot.
Isla, Karla, Miko inside
The upcoming coolest band in town, dragon eats cat food 
Mark Deutsch sister
Noooo to animal cruelty! 
My loot from happygaraje's pop-up booth.
Congrats to my cultured friends, happygaraje's mark and johanna and team ballista!!! 
I certainly did not get it, but it's one of those events where you can feel "life!" 

To more #folkfiction!

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