Apr 11, 2014

Graduation / Recognition / Work

Yesterday was Mati's graduation from
I was most excited with his "when i grow up" presentation because he chose "fisherman."

Unfortunately, a few kids and also adults was amused at his fisherman-ity, he thought they laughEd at him. When I saw him lining up to the stage, I knew he's no longer happy. And, he cried when it was at his turn at the stage. :(((

It took him 3 weeks to came up with that ambition, a lot of questions from teachers / other parents / relatives about his fisherman ambition, and it ended up with Mati crying. I am so sad more than him.

But I'm relieved that he is still sticking with his fisherman ambition.

(The kuya trying to cheer him up.)
Today is grade school recognition day. Meg received an invitation letter to attend it. I was excited because for the first time, we have an awardee. 

And, she got a Aesop Little Children awardee. It's her book club. 
Can I have a future jeff bezos please? :) She said she wants to be a teacher. :)

On our way home from the recognition, Mati asked "why people work then go home?" when he saw jeepneys full of passengers.

I just nodded because I don't want to give "to make a living" answer. 

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