Apr 19, 2014

Of long rides, short trek, quick dip

Mark said that I kept fussing about my (lack of) training program, how about my program for my kids?!? Yeah, right! Enlightenment!

So our mediocre program for today was take a long ride to Borbon with the lolas and lolo. So the MIL has this frand project of building a shrine somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Borbon. So we went there with Lolo benancio (MIL's brother) who will be doing the road planning.

But before we reached Borbob, we had standing lunch at Carmen's public plaza.

Dessert at Hillside, Carmen.
Watched bikers from the truck.

Shrine vs Trail Run

I did not know that the "shrine" was going to be up in some mountains of Borbon. But it was fun to get the kids to do a trek, however short it was.
The hats from the MIL, and their made-up trekking poles.
While the MIL kept talking about the shrine and miracle, and sisters and fathers, I was all the time thinking about trail trekking/running on the place
I was happy to hear Mati said "nindot" (nice) when asked how was the trek. 
And, kids had quick dip before heading home.
So that was the kids' program for today. For tomorrow, I hope we would not be too lazy to bring the kids up to Tilhaong for another trek. :)

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