Apr 23, 2014

#word: ideatoki

I was tinkering with linkedin, when I got into "manage page" area, then I saw the description I put for "ideatoki." I can't help but laugh at how did we come up with those descriptions.
ideatoki is a conversation agency based in Cebu, Philippines. We go for conversion via conversation. We provide social media service provider as an additional way to connect with the people. 

We are also a product company -- building tools that are relevant to our clients' social digital media marketing needs. 

Ideatoki's goal is help businesses understand social media. And, if they see a relevance in it for their businesses or their individual goals, we will help them out in: 
* PLANNING how to position social media in their business or individual goals 
* EXECUTE the plans. Reiterate if there's a need, and also to keep it fresh. 
* BUILD and MAINTAIN the relationships that are made via the social media efforts.

In fairness, it got 12 followers in linkedin. And I don't know them so they're not friends I bothered to follow the page

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