Apr 20, 2014

the profile picture

I know this probably does not best represent myself because this is too cute to be me. But i love the light effect. I'm a sucker for lights-on-the-face effect. I guess because it washed out impurities, and other imperfections.

Another reason why I love this photo because I had my blings on -- my favorite hydration backpack, my waistbelt bag, whatever you call it, my new fave orange singlet from Jong / TDR and the visor i always find boring. =) That's why I love trail running because you can be overdressed/geared, and it's fine! =)

Photo by Imeka Urasaki (not sure if it's her real name), she's one of the photographers during running event, and also runs, and her mom runs.
She is the person behind the iCapture facebook page. If you're looking for photos of Cebu fun runs, marathons, running, race events, you can check her page.

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