Apr 7, 2014

The Futuristic Husband

The husband tweeted this this morning:

"In the past yrs, i constantly live in the future, trying to get ahead. This yr felt like, i ran out of future to anticipate. #notaprob"

And I feel like crying more than being relieved!!! Maybe, #pms!

I dunno how other couples do it, but it's certainly very "kutas" / out-of-breath living with Mark John. The productive paranoia is high, very very very high in us. And, we are aware of that. And, I guess that's what make it more frustrating because we are aware of that.

And, so I feel like crying because seriously he can use a bit of empathy that the people living around him (that's i) is gasping for air just to catch up with him.

For someone who does not have a "futuristic" facility like me, it feels like the whole of me has been playing catch-up all the time. Everything is exhausted just to catch up. 

Maybe it's what we call a well-spent life because I feel soooooo spent!!! I would welcome death any time with open arms.

Yes, I'm complaining! Because I know his realization will not mean any thing after that. 

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