Apr 21, 2014

Think & Write. Posteroo.

I always wanted to take time, and sit down to think over how to manage the contents in runroo. 

As time passes by doing the runroo, I learned that creating / producing contents is different from managing the contents. A good writer does not necessarily mean a good content manager, and I'm referring to myself (i'm not good, but i'm diligent just like a perfect attendance can sometimes make you look a good student).

I know for a long time that there is really wrong about how I keep up with the contents in runroo. Then after some time, I realized that the problem was that i do not have content scheduling. I produce as whatever would come across me. I am lucky to find wonderful writers who shares write-ups with me. But still I'm stressed because if i could not manage my own contents, the more with the others' contents.

Now as good content producer is different skill from manager, so is identifying the problem does not necessarily mean having a solution.

My immediate reaction when i learned that the problem is with content management and scheduling was to gedamn find a content manager because I just don't have IT. I may be able to fake my being a writer, but that part/skill is I cannot. I don't think that I gave up easily. It's just one of those things -- by gut feeling -- that I know that I really do not have it. 

So anyway, Mark has been demanding me for a long time that I should write down my tasks so he could look at it, and turn over it to a content manager. We even got into a heated argument because yada yada yada.

So this afternoon, I face my greatest fear -- writing down what's inside my head. Thing is i'm not an organized person. If you can see how messy my bag is, that's how the stuff inside my brain is also arranged -- chaotic as the "taong grasa's" hair. 

After filling out pages after pages of my tasks/thoughts, I tried to find a way of putting a pattern / system to this "content factory" business.

And, viola! I identify 3 steps: Identify months ahead the articles - Production a month before the posting sched -- posting. 

I know i know this can be pretty obvious to anyone but not to me whose left / analytical part of the brain is totally devoid. 

Now I finally nailed it why I felt like I'm always chasing and chasing imaginary deadlines as I operate on fly. It felt like back-to-back race always. 

Finally, I'm now feeling happy. I'm
Kind of annoyed with myself for taking so
Long to figure it out. But i also want to give myself a pat on the back for however I was able to manage my messiness for like almost 2 years. How did I ever survive it for that long?!

As always, my ignorance is a bliss. 

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