Apr 9, 2015

Badian, Cebu Day 1: Bus Ride

Bus rides were part of my high school to college life. Going home on weekends when everyone wants to go home, I learned how to elbow others to get inside a bus, i even knew how to get inside the bus via the window. Countless trips back and forth to Badian & Cebu City, I memorized every bump on the road, endless road construction, to every structure on the roadside seen from the bus window. I lost a few walkman on the bus because i fell asleep, and probably they just rolled out from my pocket. And, they all happened in Librando Bus.
Our neighbors were/are Librando, and it's like against-the-law to be seen alighting from another Bus company. It was not fear. It's just that what neighbors do kind of thing. :)

Bus rides, non-aircon can feel like sticky, but once you're out of the urban area, it gets cooler. 
So how to entertain 3 little people on a long bus ride?

Migi and meg are old enough to somehow know how to to entertain theirselves.

While for Mateo, i had to buy whatever from the vendor along the way to entertain him. I dunno if it's smart but how can you be logical with kids.
Finally home in out old battered warehouse home.

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