Apr 26, 2015

Junkfood apps

There was a time, i signed up to every app scobleizer evangelized as the next big thing just so i can snatch the "owrange" username. Anyhow, "vine" was one of those apps. 

And, just like 90% of the apps i signed up to, i really do not know how to position it in my life, and with Philippines internet speed, i'm not a big fan of video -- uploading and viewing it.

But there are instances, i pulled vine up to save some videos because youtube/vimeo's too complicated to use, and the instagram account i actively update is not personal. And, i think 15sec of instagram needs a lot creativity effort than 6sec of vine.

After tweaking here and there, i found some funny local viners. When vine started, the videos they seeded where on the artsy fartsy side, but now it evolves into junk / slapstick vids. If you're someone who's bored, you'd really get hooked to it like cheetos and coke.

Most viners are the teenage / millineal generation so from there, you'll see the other junkfood apps they're using. There's a lot of mention of snapchat and dubsmash, instagram, youtube in the vine vids of the young ones.

I tried dubsmash, and it's like cottoncandy of apps. 

The snapchat -- i'm really struggling on how to understand it. It's like PBB / voyeurism kind of thing. 

It's like what u post on instagram is the finished product of made-up setup moments, vine is showing the BTS (behind the scene) of creating that final photo in instagram, while snapchat is showing you live th BTS?

I surely have lots of time to waste dissecting and consuming all these. As if it's something new.

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