Apr 2, 2015

Bring Home the Kapehan Ceferina Experience

My last "food blog post" feels like years ago already, and that my beans are almost gone so I'm writing a fresh food but mostly beverage article straight from the land of Cebu.

So people of Kapehan Ceferina decided to sell coffee beans, instead of just the pour-over coffee. And, I'm just happy about this latest development. :)

So they carry different variety or origin or however you call it coffee beans that are sourced locally. 

So I got their Sagada arabica. I would love to get theie Barako too but Mark's not fond of it. I always find Barako to be more of a chocolate drink than coffee.

The first time I was able to try Sagada was in Bintana, and I like it. But I did not find any other coffee place in cebu serving it, and i did not find any place to buy the Sagada coffee beans. So i'm just happy to finally find it in Kapehan Ceferina.

Jean, from kapehan ceferina, said that A lot love Sagada coffee bean variety. It's also something "newbies" love to maybe because of its smoothness, which according to her will blend well with a mix of sugar or milk. so i guess that explains why i like sagada. Most of the time, i mixed my coffee wirh fresh milk. I like flat white or capuccino kind of bitterness.

So Kapehan Ceferina is still open to serve every Sunday J Centre Mall. Or you can contact this number to order for coffee beans in Cebu (0906) 919 9265. (I'm not sure f i'm allowed to publish that number but...) If you do not have yet a coffee grinder, you can ask them to ground the beans for you. If you do not have any coffee gadget, a hanky as filter will do too. :)

So my other favorite grocery coffee beans brands i found in cebu: Monk's Blend from Bukidnon (but rare to find them), Rocky mountain cafe Cordillera (the most available), Brillo, Kape Maria (all the varieties but there's one i really like), there's another from Bukidnon coffee beans available in Healthy options (forgot the brand). But best of all is the Kapehan Ceferina experience! :)

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