Apr 28, 2015

Thrive Art

By Meg's specific request, she wants Art class and Kiddie Crew for her summer. The kiddie crew's over. Now she's demanding for the Art Class to be daily. But her sched is only once a week.

So i told her to just do over and over again for the rest of the week the exercise they did at art class. I told her to download app on her tab but she said it crashed on her. But, Meg can be this annoyingly demanding. So, i turned to Mr. Google for art help which led me to (it has free sessions for starter).

Mati joined in. (Now i have to share my "work station.) 
The finished products: Mati (left), Meg (right). This online art class is effective after all. :)
It makes me wonder if does she really like art? Or it's just phase? I mean i think all kids go thru the "art" phase. 

On the other thought, when can she learn to use the photoshop so that I can have someone to exploit when I need some poster or maybe some illustration to be used. 

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