May 1, 2015

Davao Day 1: Blood-stained sheet

It's just my first 24hours of menstruation / period / bleeding day. First day usually means heavy ooze of blood, and this time the flow is unusually heavy. Together with bleeding, period can make a girl tired / sleepy -- simply just one of those days you want to hide underneath the bed sheets and drown in bed.

So after out first stop for coffee at Basti's Brew, and milling inside the mall, i told Mark we should just rest for the race we'll be joining (mt. Apo skyrace).

When i woke up in the afternoon then i found myself scrubbing blood stains off from the very white bed sheet like Cinderella. So my first day in Davao, i spent an hour dealing with bloody issue because I do not want to pay the stained-sheet fee. Mark kept saying the fine is 2000, and I was like "dafudge, what an expensive stay for a budget accommodation!" It's expensive than the room's rate. So there i scrubbed harder the pristine white sheets again because No way my coffee money will turn into blood-stain money!

So how can I avoid paying the fine? While scrubbing the sheets, mark and i were throwing ideas to each other in case we could not really remove the stain:
* maybe there's some quick stain-remover product in some hardware? I know i heard it from infommercial or some pop-up ads on the internet
* is there a white marker?
* how about shading this with white crayon?
* dusting it with baby powder?
* maybe we can leave in the very early dawn when it's dark yet for anyone to visibly see the stain
* how about cutting the stained part of the sheet? There's no fine against "hole" in the sheet
* how about staining the whole sheet and just tell the hotel staff that it's the motif of our sheet -- something like polka dotted sheet
* or maybe i could sneak out the sheet to a laundry shop

Anyhow, google saved the day! Mark said google suggest shampoo to remove the stain. So adding shampoo to the white tissue did the trick! 

Therefore, i greatly deserve this mug of durian coffee while staring at the life or lack of it outside this huge windows of Kangaroo coffee shop.

Hayyy, it's hard to be a girl. Hotels should not make it harder for us. It's traumatic yaknow. :)

So I slipped double napkins for my leaking vagina, and slept on a sleeping bag liner at night because i want to sleep fine-less. :)

(note: the stained sheet fee is actually just 500 according to google.)
We're here in Davao to join the Mt. Apo Skyrace But entrance to Mt. apo is actually in Magpet, South Cotabato so we'll be moving the following day to Kidapawan.

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