May 24, 2015

Western Visayas Trip Day 7 (#wvtrip): halo-halo

My organizing skills is to the negative 100. And with stuff for 5 people, our room during moving-out time looked like a halo-halo with a lot of ingredients.

At the beginning i sorted the clothes into: clean and dirty. Later on, it became clean, dirty, and acceptable dirty for recycle. That's when I realized that UNDERWEAR is the best investment in long trips because it's that item i just cannot fathom to recycle. 
After 3 nights in Boracay, it's time to turnaround and retrace our way back to Cebu.
And after 3 nights, Meg collected 3 heart-shaped stones with the bros helped,

(Meg has been collecting this heart stones for some time. I just don't know if she were able to keep them all.)
...while I donated a few drops of blood after a stupid "emergency" moves into the bush during my last morning run. I just could not hold "it" anymore so when an "opportunity" came, i jumped without looking and landed on a thorny plant. 
But it was probably worth it - i just don't want to miss the beautiful morning aroung Brgy. Yapak (there are 3 barangays in Boracay i think) for the last time. 
It was going to be a 160km+ ride to Iloilo, where we'd take a break and a quick tour of the city. And, so it's time to roll up the chairs at the back to give way to a sleeping area. :)

There they look like halo-halo. :)
The ride back to Iloilo was a different experience this time because it's in day time. We got a better view -- which is a halo-halo of farms after farms after farms. :) 
It made me feel, if doomsday would come (God forbid), they have a better chance of surviving over Cebu because everyone grows their own food.
We got a "break treat" of watching farms when we had our lunch break at Saylo Restaurant. At first, i thought it's that yet generic resto serving yet generic popular dishes of buttered chicken and crispy pata. But no, they don't have buttered chicken, only chicken katsudon. :) That solved the kids' wish. 
I had native chicken in coco milk sthing. I forgot the name, but it's a local dish. Mati loved its soup so it must be good.
Western Visayas has this thing for chicken dishes. They have a whole halo-halo variety of chicken dishes.

There were halo-halo paintings displayed in the resto, and according to the staff it's because one of the owners is an artist.
I don't have an eye for an art so I tried my best to pick my favorite among the displays. Actually, i just pick the most colorfuls! :)
Then came the dessert: halo-halo. And it made me think that i must come back to Kalibo! 

If i'd be in another province or city, i always tried my best to find that "local taste." And, definitely it's not a compatible activity with my kids because it could take too much time picking and going to this places and they may not like the "exotic" food. Thus in the whole trip, the food were good but they're the usual generic dishes that are default "yummy."
So I was so happy to be in a place where my kids' and my "wish" collide. They got their kind of chicken dish and my kind of chicken dish. And the halo-halo, and jackpot that their coffee was better than good. :)

After this halo-halo, nothing matters any more.

(At Casa La Granja, Iloilo - the home for the next 2 nights.)

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