May 2, 2015

Davao Day 2: Waiting for Kidapawan

"Waiting" is usually how it feels before race day. You cannot do much to save energy. And, it can feel like in limbo especially when you're travelling to a new place for a race. There's so much to check out but then you cannot really go out as much as you want so as to conserve energy and the feet.

This day we had to wait for our other friends who also joined the 1st Mt. Apo to go to Kidapawan, Cotabato where we'll be staying near the starting line. :)

Friends' flight was delayed, moved twice to a later time so the "waiting" got longer. We "hang out" longer at Green Coffee, 500 meters away from Tune Hotel where we stayed.
Then friends arrived. :)
Then on to the van who would take us to Kidapawan. 

Reading the signage with places like Midsayap & Cotabato printed on it, the ignorant in me is @.@. The untraveller in me only learned about these places via Noli de Castro or tabloids, so you know what i mean. :)
Lunch stopover
And more waiting in the van to arrive at the destination.
And the most I was able to do in Kidapawan is selfie as it rained when we set to go to their town center.

And, yes, it's far-away from a "war torn" place. It's as normal as the rural towns in Cebu. :)

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