May 29, 2015

Diary of a Whimpy Adult

School nurse: ma'am, ngano sige man ka katakilpo?
Me: Tanga man gud ko.

And, i could read from the school nurse' facial expression that she did not know how to react to my "negative" description of myself. So i explained to her that my mind is always "flying away" or is filled with other thoughts, and so i don't pay attention to what's infront or what's happening in the present.

Thankfully the latest incident of "takilpo," which sprained my recently sprained ankle, happened in my kids' school. There were a handful of people who helped, and most especially a nurse was there. She did not let me move much, and she iced it, and bandaged it. And it made a lot of difference. The bruising and swelling did not progress much, unlike my previous ones. Or maybe my ankle just got tougher in handling this kind of beating.

Thank you to the people who helped me. :)

Please let this be the last "takilpo," Lord.

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