May 22, 2015

Western Visayas Trip Day 6 (#wvtrip): the mall called boracay

In the morning, I tried to be that "local." I rode a tricycle to the Bulabog Church ( Sto. Rosario Church) to attend the 630am mass. It's near d'mall. 
This day, I honestly no longer know what should we do. I was just ready to leave the island. I think 1 whole day in Boracay is long enough for the kids to do: visit the beaches, watch sunset, stroll on the beach. And, this day the kids had somehow categorized Boracay into the Beach and the mall.
Below are some of The ducks at Alta Vista de Boracay, which usually freely roam the place in the

Boracay the Beach.

So the beach for them is in the northern area, the Puka beach. 

In this family, these 2 below are not big beach persons - another reason why there's no use to stay longer.
While i and the 2 boys can be forever soaked in the sea. 

Boracay the Mall.

For them the Boracay stations 1-3 is the Mall. 

The night was then for the few things we had not yet done at the mall:

Dining by the beach. The previous day, we got so stuffed at the BBQ joint and Real Coffee that we passed on dinner, and went straight home after experiencing sunset. I just picked bread and mayonaisse from a grocery before heading back to the hotel.

The easiest spot for us was Aria. They have faster service now. Migi and Mati loved the 4-cheese pizza. I find The veggie salad disappointing. Their pastas was generically good. But the Boracay breeze was lovely.

Dessert at the mall.

Ice cream.
Mati said I had 4 hands. 
Milk tea. @.@ Too lazy to roam around, we just picked on what's on our way to exit of D'Mall.

Footfie / Crocfie. We passed by a crocs shop, and meg suggested we should have a photo of our crocs together. Duh! :)

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