May 10, 2015

Echostore in cebu

I bought a turmeric candy on going home, and they packed it in a magazine page with "abaca" ad printed on it. It's kinda funny because it was a toss between going here or to abaca at crossroads.

The original goal was to have coffee. But once I got in, i realized it has a mini grocery shop like Healthy Options. So i think they're "grocery" first then cafe shop the second?

Mark had latte, and I got mocha becuase they used tablea on it. Both just did not come as strong to me but then i should picked their black ones if i wanted something strong.
There was only the 2 of us when we were there, and that i like except they open at 10am. I find it too late for a morning drive-by coffee time.

But what i like most is that they carry some of those few items i preferred which can only be found at Rustan's grocery or Healthy Options, and most of are locally sourced. :) 

Here's photos from the echostore cebu, like duh.

I think I was not able to take photos of the items that i will really want to buy -- the "chemical-free" chicken (not really organic), free-range eggs, muscovado, veggie for salad, etc.

And best of all, they right away serve service water. :)
Located near the entrance of Ma. luisa subdivision in banilad, cebu.

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