May 26, 2015

Western Visayas Trip Day 10: the last hurrah - coffee

I picked up some pasalubong from Sir Jess Cafe in Bacolod - the usual piaya with a twist of being "organic" and herbed. But then thinking about it, the only way for a piaya to be "healthier" is to remove the sugar which then it will no longer be a piaya.

I was also hoping to bring this Mt. kanlaon beans but expiry date seemed to show it's way pass expiry already.

But forget about Mt. kanlaon beans, I got a "native coffee" in San Carlos City, the place of the port where we took the ferry back to Cebu.

I was paying one of those port fees when the smell of coffee from the staff assisting me really smells good. I was salivating. So i commented to him that his coffee really smells good. He replied that its his 3rd cup for the day already. I could not help and ask him more where he'd get it. He then pointed to me to get it just outside the port for P5, Janeth Native Coffee.
"Is that legit?" was the first question that popped from my head when I saw the total opposite of "starbucks-looking" coffee shop. 

When I got inside, it was a busy place. The small dirty kitchen seemed to be always boiling water, while the "barista" was filling cup after cup of coffee for their patronizers: porters, tricycle/sikad drivers, the whole neighborhood, and me.
This place is run by a dou. I dunno if they're a couple or what. :) 
I asked if beans were from Mt. kanlaon. The woman replied no; they're from the "market," which then they roast on their own.
They also told me that I can buy the coffee strainer at the market for P25.
Funny, how coffee became too complicated to my understanding -- the type of brewing, the origin/kind/elevation of beans, the water temp, etc etc. In this place, it's just coffee.  
How can I make things complicated some time.

Anyhow, here are other few things you can do in San Carlos City while waiting for your ferry schedule. :)

1. Dine at The Portside. The place is clean, and their food are decent enoughz :)
2. Pick some fruits at this mountain highway before going down to the town proper. Compared to Cebu prices, it's way so cheaper. And, They only use paperbag. 

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