May 8, 2015

Food Blog Post: New & Re-New in Cebu

I had read about EchoStore long time ago. So it's something I look forward to visiting when it finally opened a shop in Cebu. I was hesitant at first though because it's kinda intimidating. But, no, it's not. It's like Healthy Options but products are locally sourced, kind of like Human Nature too with a cafe on the side. More about my Echostore experience on a separate post. :) 

It's located near Maria Luisa entrance, on a new strip mall on the right side.


I was sad when Little Saigon Big Bangkok branch in that Ma. luisa road closed. I wonder why Viet food does not get as popular as Japanese or korean food here in Cebu. Anyhow, I'm happy to see it opened along BanTal road near BTC, just below the underpass. It's location is not as fab as before but I guess this is probably how streetfood Vietnamese feel should be. Again, more on a separate post. :)

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