May 30, 2015

The Last Stash of Earphones

When we went getting their school supplies at SM, migi told me that we should get him new long pants for his uniform because he's already grade 5. And, it struck me, really this is happening?!? I already have a kid who is going to be in long pants like those big kids prepping up to the teenager phase?!? 

Once i told myseld that when i have a kid age-ing 10 years old, that's a sign i'm really old. Migi turned 10, and i let it passed. And, i told myself again that when i have kid who will be wearing long pants as school uniform, it's that legit sign i'm already old.

And, now it will be happening.

I dunno if it's my getting "old" that i'm resisting or it's my kids no-longer-babies i resist.

But then i'm not really the sentimental mother who wishes their kids to be with them forever, or who follows the "be with your kids always because they'll only have 1 childhood" or who wants to be the only person most adored and most loved by their children.

So i'm trying to think what am i really trying to hold on to getting sentimental watching my kids growing up?!?

I love that they're big enough to get all their school supplies while i just stand on the side waiting for them to finish.

But i don't like seeing some "unnecessary stuff" they picked up, and their choices of items that can be on the expensive side. They already have a mind of their own - i guess that's what i'm resisting? :)

And that with 3 kids having their own choices of what to watch/listen, i'm getting a rival with the earphones in this house and probably with other stuff soon. And, somehow, they can now tell which one is better. So i'm left with the "lata-sounding" earphones.

So today, i no longer have much choice but to open the very last earphone i'd been saving away from my kids. 
And, now i'm sad because i'm only getting sentimental over an earphone. But damn my kids growing up, just spare me a good earphone! And if you do rob me of my earphone, please spare your ears from that "centuries" song. 

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