Apr 3, 2015

Danasan Eco Adventure: Falls vs Pool

Of course, the swimming pool won. 
So I just lounge. I actually fell a "nap."
We arrived late at Danasan so we decided to have the trekking to waterfalls next time because it would be nice to have it early in the morning. The waterfall trek is P380/head. I think most of their other adventure offering is P380/head. I find the price a bit steep. But looking at their different facilities, i can just imagine how expensive to maintain it. So i mean, in support of this kind of "nature-themed" parks, i'm not going to whine and just head to swimming pool where it's P100/head. But on a serious note, i would be happy to pay 380 for the waterfall trek. I think it would be nice for "adventure guides" to be a profession in Philippines. 

I think Danasan's main attraction is wakeboarding. But they add a lot of other adventure facilities now. It only lacks roller coaster, and it will be a "peryahan" already. Kidding. :)

If you don't want to get into any of their adventure offerings, trekking around the place is already fun. Actually the journey to Danasan is already an adventure. It's around 30km from the main road of Danao City, Cebu, and the view is always a breath of fresh air.

Don't forget to get some "bingka" (rice cake) from this little hut on the way their. It has that crunchy top which i don't experience in any other bingka.

At Danasan Eco Park, entrance fee is P50/head. Since we decided not to do the waterfall trek, we just trek around the place first.

Trek to the Ostrich house, where the ostriches kinda look old and sad. But hey, i would probably be happy to have their hut on top of the mountain.
We trekked and we looked.
They also have a camping ground, somewhere near this area of the Rope Course.

We took photos of every nook and crook and object.
The lake for the advanced wakeboarders.
Then we ate! The place has a restaurant. :) 
Then the much deserved refreshing pool time. I find swimming pools boring but this one has just that cool view.
Then, knocked out!

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