Apr 27, 2015

Colon, Cebu Diary

However "modern" Cebu is becoming, the downtown Colon seems to be unmoved about it. And, I guess why going there can be nostalgic because for any one whose childhood memory of Cebu City is Colon, and not yet SM or Ayala, one can still see how mostly are still the same in it.

You can still stumble upon stores where the "insik" owners are very hands-on in manning them.
That "tall chair" of the cashier/owner... How old it can be?
Somehow the signages, brands hanging on the sidewalk look the same. 
Looking at the sidewalk, it made me think that the downtown area has a nice spacious "sidewalk." It can look topsy turvy but it's comfy.
And I took a selfie, trying to prove that it's not a place of "snatchers." They probably moved out to the modern area of Cebu. But based on experience, snatchers usually stationed on the jeEpney stops nearby USC main, targetting students. :)
I wish that I was able to eat at Sno Sheen or Manila Foodshoppe or even McJoy to complete the feels. :) Well, reserving it for my next "travel" to Colon. 

I was really there for the yarns for my nanay's tall list of blanket orders.

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