Apr 8, 2015

Fast & Furious 7 & Sentimental

So i'm not a fan of this movie but i believe i had seen all the 7 of them because everyone watches them so i just go with the flow. Or maybe i missed one or two but then all the previous 6 fast and furious were kind of all the same so i dunno if i really miss any editions of it.

It's that kind of movie that I don't really put my thought when watching it. But the 7th just made me nostalgic. Well, big part because Paul Walker's dead, but he's still in the movie. It's like "you don't know what you got until it's gone" except that he's still NOT gone in the movie.

So Every time i see Paul walker on screen, i could not help but ask myself if what i was seeing was real or fake. For most parts, it's just felt fake when i could not feel paul's smoothness and suaveness in the moves. Then, it would hit me that yes he's really gone. 

Then, NOSTALGIA would float on the air again despite how desentizing the "furious" of the movie. I love the action scenes especially when they made the women really go fierce, but somehow it just went overboard somewhere down the road, and with a bit of a twist of that-storyline-is-too-dumb-to-make-sense.

Then the last part is heartwarming, you can forgive the too-shallow parts.

Then again NOSTALGIA, seeing how somehow you grow up with that movie. How you laugh at its previous episodes for being such a wtf movie, then wonder how did it ever this movie get produce again and again.

Then, it's just it! The END. And, how i wished i put much attention to the previous episodes... 

Paul walker, your song is giving me LSS. :)

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