Apr 26, 2015


This song was played over and over during Meg's McDo Kiddie crew culmination program. 

I shazamed it, then add it to my spotify. I feel soo millenial.

Anyhow, i put it on repeat mode during our trail run yesterday. To which i then get a closer listen to the lyrics of the song:

Every time that you get undressed
I hear symphonies in my head
I wrote this song just looking at you ooh, oh
Yeah the drums they swing low
And the trumpets they go
And the trumpets they go
Yeah the trumpets they go

Then a bulb lit up, and I told myself while "running," "now i understand what does TRUMPET really means in the song."

Then, i thought -- Dafudge that was the song McDo staff decided to play over and over during their "kiddie crew" program. LOLS @.@

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