Feb 9, 2014

#boholove trip: friday selfie to sleepy

First time to travel not with Mark. Hesitant but was glad to do it that i made a pact with the girls that we should make it an annual activity.

So it was a trio with I, Leah, and Chay (all the way from Cavite). We arrived Friday afternoon.

After putting down our stuff at our room? Off we went to hunt something to eat. The BQ mall was just 2 blocks from
Hotel we stayed.

(Feeling vigan)

But we thought of eating something not in the mall. We ended up:

The Buzz Cafe

I think it's by the Bee Farm. It's in Gallerua Luisa, at the back of BQ Mall.
The food had that "organic" healthy beat except that i find them all too sweet. But still definitely a must try!
The "couple" Xtin & Onad came to welcome us. It's so sweet of them despite their busy sched.

Another reason why you try this place because it has this quaint view.

Couple's Wedding Car, which is really their car

We went around. I wanted to get a footsy fitting to wear for a wedding event.

(We should have some shades for group selfie on our next trip.)

We went back to BQ Mall, and it reminds me of the old Gaisano department stores in Colon And, suddenly, I felt I'm now a girl from a big city.
The shoe purchase ended up with some matching blings from Ashley Gems:
I and the friends swear, i got some cuteees! It's my first purchase of some arm candies!
We promised to do some partying at the "bar." We got a few recommendations from the locals. One was in the topmost floor of BQ mall which we right away exited when we saw it was really more of beer joint w/ videoke, and dominated with boys.

So we decided to check the other "bar "place," The Atmosphere, which is actually in the place we're staying MetroCentre. 

We went up to our room first to unload our stuff. But must be the with the age, we ended sleeping instead of "partying."

(Last selfie before sleepy. I pretended to be the tomboy among us.)
The lesson of the day, "we're really getting old."

I was telling that us resemble those "old ladies friends" doing travels when they do  group selfie.
(1st selfie)

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