Feb 20, 2014


I cannot be totally excited every time we go off for some "travel" because KIDS. And recently, everything gets so busy that guilt is eating me up for being always absentee mother, and then the next thing you know is that you will "travel!" 

Wow! How can that be so exciting! Leaving kids while always being away.

And then there's news that HK is trying to be so bully on PH. Spending money on someone who does not like you is exciting!

But not to be sounding so-so and ungrateful. I do am looking forward to this.

I got HK$ to throw on the ground.

Things I'm looking forward to:
* coffee
* trails
* running stuff (tights / capris / sports bra and maybe a hydration bag, i need a bigger one because trail runner this is)

Things I don't look forward to: weather and packing! I don't have closed shoes except for my running shoes, and I only got those thin TNF windbreaker. :| Goodluck to me basang sisiw!

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