Feb 1, 2014


Yesterday did not started so well. Might be due to PMS, doubts, then a not-so-happy race organizer emailed to call our attention regarding his race listed at 

Then an online registration was made at which was totally not prepared yet. But more of, it came from Someone who is not rosemarie, not in our circle friends, which means, that hey, maybe this thing will work.

I know from the outside, it means nothing. But from me, It's a very big deal.   Though, it was something of just some sideline project but it was just amazing to see the time that fred and norlan put into coding it, the time soybitz put into listing races into have finally bore some fruit, the friends who bother, out of friendship, took time to use it. All those time I always question if this is really really worth doing it, is it really worth bothering people to waste time on it, and it's showing some sign of positive things to come.

And capping the day with the Athletes Talk, despite the bad weather, it was epic! I'll just put the rest of MMK details at But for the last time here, thanks to all. 

Feeling lucky. The only pictures I managed to take with my celphone.

The Chinese New Year Day was my day, and this year will be our year!

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