Feb 15, 2014

Meg's Valentine Spree

Meg's not really the girl I can take to the mall unless she demands it. So from time to time, she will ask or more of order me to take her to the mall.

Valentines day was one of those times. Days before the V-day, she had been telling me already that she needs to buy this and that for gift-giving with her savings. She reminds me of my MIL, always have a list. So maybe like Mark.

I told her no; she can't just waste her savings away. But the father came to the rescue and said to let her be. It's her money. I think her money was from my nanay and the sales of their "accessories" with her friends. So yeah, i think the father is right, it's her money.

So off we went to the mall with her piggy bank.

When it's her "order," i just follower her itinerary. 

So first was National Bookstore. She picked a few books, the one with rats as characters, and word search. I thought she's paying but she said she's only paying for the gifts she'll be giving away. While the books were gifts from me. Wow! Girl knows her rights! And, it's really hard to say NO to books.

Then we went to department store because she needs red dress again from me. Maybe it's some girlfriends' dress code.

Then, next was her gift buying. She picked 4 chocolate bars, 1 for HER, 1 for me and mark, 1 for Ate mona, and 1 for Ate Elsi. It took her awhile picking the chocolates as she kept going over her "budget" which was P200.

I wanted to just give her additional money but I thought to just let her be.

Then it took a few more time counting her money.
Finally! Mr. Henry Sy must be happy! :)

Anyway, aside from consumerism, I'm happy to see Meg to be more decisive unlike me.

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