Feb 24, 2014

HK 1: Subtitles Please

(From celphone photos.)

First time nakatungtong na jud sa Hong Kong.

I think HK's airport is boring compared to SG's.
Ordered too many noodles at Crystal Jade in airport, i don't want to eat any noodles for the rest of the year.
Selfie at IFC, which was like tambayan of the Pinays in HK.
We stayed in Wan Chai, in an area which has store after store selling tiles. I even spotted tiles with Hello Kitty design.
Drink at some "specialty" coffee shop. It was how they categorized their coffee shop.
Spotted this all-red sports car, which this kind of car is a usual thing.
Eat street food in between "specialty" coffee shops. 

Tried "shopping" but I realized that what is expensive in Philippines will not be any cheaper in HK. duh! 

So i ended up with just Pilot pens, which What i can mostly afford in Cebu, Philippines.

Oh heaven!
Hunting for dinner from some local "carenderia" style was tricky because it's in Chinese and Chinese symbols. 

Restos written in English alphabets are somewhat in the modern side. So it was happinnes when We would spot restos with subtitles.

No pic from my phone for the dinner.

And, I realized HK people are actually quite helpful people. 

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