Feb 6, 2014

Weekend starts early

It's my rule that Friday, there will be no "hard labor." And, tomorrow we're going to Bohol for reason which cannot be said. No. It will not be a running event. =) But the friends and I promised to do an early run to Cafe Lawis for breakfast. I'm not sure if they're open though. But for the one time I had been to Bohol, I think Cafe Lawis should not be missed. (More about it here >>.)

Things to do before my weekend, and before I do IG-worthy moments at Bohol:

* The Athletes Talk video. Gawd, I'm so bad with handling videos. Plus the rest of the video is in android phone. F%#^%#$&%#&#^%&^% transferring data from android to an iOS device. =|
* Set up a teaser post for the Trail Running 101 Talk this Feb. 13, 2014. Pls join us! I'll post details on
* Shoot email to the dear runroo contributors!
* and the many.... ENOUGH!

How can I pull it off?!? I still need to do some grocery / food stocking before I left, and find Meg's red beans and mussel (I think it's tahong) for her project this Saturday.

Sigh! My made-up busy list! =)

Photo by Stacey Cardoso

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