Feb 20, 2014


I kind of make a vow this year that by hook or by crook, the site should be making money already. I don't care if it's losing, I just want to see moneys go thru it.

And, the universe did connive to make it happen. Thanks to those who experimented with the site.

Anyhoo, I handed the earned money to the "businessman." Funny that I felt disappointed with myself after all that finally whatever we wanted to prove was proven.

I think because I was not totally proud of the "marketing" I did. I did try to go the "high" way but it was proven that, generally, people were more attracted by the blings. 

Or maybe I was wrong.

I might be eating what i'm saying but I just cannot accept to go down that way. I do not want to lower my expectation from us, the people. It just does not feel right to me to be making money out of our "weaknesses"?

Maybe I just read much marketing manipulation books.

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