May 12, 2012

31 Birthday Me-me Selfish Wishlist

I'm a sucker for me-me list. I love reading people's "101 things about me," bucketlists, or wishlist. It really makes me happy to know someone's favorite color, dream stuff, dream vacay, favorite dish, or whatever likes and hates. I'm just amazed that people can be so the same at some things, but can be so different in others.

I tried many times to come up with my own list. But I never get to finish them, as I always run out of things to list, or I got bored, or I got disappointed that I cannot come up with any thing interesting.

Hopefully, this time with 30 years of existence in this world, I could come up with at least 30 "nice" wishes. I'm calling this "selfish wishlist" as this would only be about me, nothing about world peace.

1. 10KM/hour that can be sustained up to 160KM, and also on uphills and downhills. enough said. I'm currently at 5-6km/hour sustainable for long runs.
2. 8km/hour. If 1st wish is too much to ask.
3. Mirinda Carfrae's boody. For me to get to that faster pace, I need to be in a racing weight. I don't think it's really about losing weight, but it's more of tightening the whole body that they can all work on giving me the faster pace.

But I think what I really like about Mirinda is her short hair. And so I cut my hair short, at least I got that part. =)

4. Orange bike. Orange-colored bike. After looking for an orange bike, I discovered that there's an "Orange" brand in bikes. =)

I think it would be sweet to have an orange Orange mountain/ xc bike. =)
The road bike is also cute. =) The eeny-weeny bubbles-like details on the design is cute. =)

5. Gummy candies. I love gummy candies, especially during long runs. The sweet and sour would be an emotional booster when every thing gets so dragging and lonely during long runs.

6. Kiamoy. It's also good to have a stash of this on long runs. The odd sour taste is a good entertainment to keep me up.

7. Clif Bloks.

8. Clif Shots. I'm not really fond of energy gels but when push comes to shove, this is really handy.

9. Singlets / Running tops / Dri fits. I've been using Mark's dri-fits but then they all get bigger and I'm left with nothing much to wear. The free singlets from races also got bigger on me.

10. A more calloused feet.

11. Running Capri tights.

12. Different flavors of Eng bee tin hopia except for pork and that one with egg. They're my equivalent to Magnum ice cream. Though La Fortuna monggo hopia brings back childhood memories.

13. Halo-halo and Shawarma with lots of extra cheese combo. Ever since I got into running, I always feel that craving for sweet and salty mix every after a long run. This combo exactly hits the spot.

14. Gel pens. But I ran out of space to store them so this can be scratched.

15. Colorful Le Sportsac big bag. But then I could not give away my 2 old ones and I no longer have space for new ones so this can be scratched too.

16. Orange / pink Sanuk slippers. My old one was stolen. =( Or any rubber slippers will do.

17. Teva rubber sandals.

18. Running skirt.

The hearts and flowers and stars are just sooo cute!
19. Colorful head wears / head buffs.

20. Yoga outfit.

21. Birthday run with buko juice party at the end.

22. Find more (accessible) trail routes.

23. More hiphop / R&B or "The Postal SErvice-ish" kind of music mp3 files.

24. Be able to tick off items from my footraces bucketlist.

25. To be able to finish this list before my birthday!!!

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