May 16, 2012

Fishing Expedition aka Talabahan

I'm not really a fan of "fishing." Seeing the fish wriggle for its life when caught by the rod feels like animal abuse to me. I'd really feel sad for the fish. =(

But then when I am surrounded with kids with unlimited energy, I just have to come up with any activity that will entertain them. With them free for whole summer vacation, it comes to the point that I and they ran out of activities to waste their energy on that I considered fishing; as we live near a "fishing" place / park slash all-in-one, Co Jordan Fishing, Food and Restaurant. It's located at the back of the subdivision. Probably around 2KM from our house.

One fine day, with all the kids bored, I decided to take them to that fishing. The goal was to spend as many energy of my kids so we just walk from our house to the fishing place via a shortcut.

A bit tricky shortcut, but kids love it.

Ate ice cream.

A few poses here and there.

Until we reached Co Jordan.

Mati decided not to fish, and instead volunteered to hold the fish net, where the catches would be placed.
Ate Mona caught 99% of the fishes. Fishing stopped when finally Migi caught one.

Meg had none as she could not keep herself still at one place.

We caught a total of 1.5KG of Bangus, at P160/kg. We had half of it made into "kinilaw" to add to our shrimp and pork order. The place is also like a "sutukil."

I videoke-d, Migi videogame-d while waiting for our food to be served.

As I said it's an all-in-one place, they even have free wi-fi.

For those who want try this, there's a detour across SM Consolacion, it's a road leading to Consolacion Tennis Court and Consolacion College, take that straight until you see Co Jordan. Cottage is at P150 if you like to stay in one. More pics here >>.

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karenjen ♥ said...

wow, great venue...i'd recommend this to my sister :)