May 13, 2012

"Just Keep Moving" in Coming Days

Just when I was enjoying the view and the lovely rolling hills, a steep monster ascent came into view. And, there's no other way but to climb it up, and suck it in.

My nanay's health issues pops up again when I'm enjoying my "retirement." I'm shaken, and scared.

But as we all know, negative thoughts are just energy and time waster. So I'm now summoning all the positive vibes, and God's guidance to push us through this.

I just have to keep remembering my running mantra, "I'm stronger than you, pain." I guess in this case, I have to reword it to "I'm stronger than you, uncertainty."

1 comment:

karenjen ♥ said...

it will be fine rosee, just stay positive. we are coping up with another health risk over this hormonal imbalance on another family member. but we are waiting and watching for more because deciding on surgery. i am really scared and worried, but refuse to google for fear of over-acting and over-riding my emotional state.