May 15, 2012

Taking the Road Less Travelled

Before we would decide to have my nanay go thru a knife and remove her uterus, I will seek help from the alternative medicine. Tomorrow, I'll visit Bio-Integrative Health Link Center (Wellness Land).

I refused to google about uterine polyps since the first time my mother encountered it for we all know how google can kill us with its results. But this time, I just need to face that monster. If we have to give up a part of our being women, I believe I need to cover all areas.

One of the things that made me think of going the alternative is because of this video of Dr. Terry Wahls, Minding your Mitochondria. It's worth the time viewing it.

Thank you, google. It informed me that hysterectomy is the 2nd surgery / operation made in US, next to C-section. Can I say, poor women?!? It feels there is something not right in the equation.

And, aside from financial reasons, the thing that made me think twice about surgery is that the reason why my mother is having polyps is because of hormonal imbalance. And so one of my big questions that has never been answered is why remove the uterus when the cause is hormonal imbalance. I asked our doctor about it before, and her answer is that one way to balance it is when we have our "period." And, since my mother is already menopausal, hysterectomy is what is for her.

Anyway, I set an appointment with Bio-Integrative Healthlink Center  or Wellness Land. Based on google results, they seem to be the most popular here in Cebu. Though, my mother has mentioned the name Romy Paredes already to me. He is the medical director of that center.

Anyhoo, anyone who has experienced with this clinic, please share. I am really groping as to how to go about this. And, it's doubly hard that it's hard to find a medically licensed doctor who also believes in alternative / integrative healing.

By the way, my decision is not really baseless. I read a book, authored by an OB, "Healing Fibroids," in which he advocated that as much as possible is to avoid hysterectomy.

So right now, I'm in search for a doctor who can enlighten me / us more.


karenjen ♥ said...

my mother's was removed in 2007 was scary but it went fine. we had dr. roa in cebu mother gets regular check-ups with her because this hormonal imbalance condition in old age is risky. mao we decided to have hers surgically removed.

rose buenconsejo said...

karn, thanks for this. it's comforting to know some1 who had undergone the surgery.