May 3, 2012


I've been following a lot of mommy blogs. But when I got busy with running around and other interests and confusing stuff, I failed to keep up with them. And just lately, I'm reading a few of them back. And, I was surprised that one of them had broken up. How did it ever happen?!? I'm sad because they're such a lovely family.

Which made me think if ever there was a time I / we thought of separating or divorce or breaking up? Well, there are times that how I wish we did not get married and have kids young. But separating??? I think the closest is me being suicidal. I did suffer the severe PPD (post-partum depression) with the 3rd baby. That when I was at the lowest point, all I could see were hanging rope waiting for my head as pulling myself from the dumps was futile which just led me to drowning more into the bottom of the pit.

I wish I knew running at that time.

Anyhoo, I came from a broken family. And, it's not that bad. Well, I don't turn out that bad. What I'm trying to say is that getting separated or broken family is sad. But then on the bright side of it, it gives you that different color that we will not be who we are without those few skeletons in our closet.

I asked Mark if we'd ever get to that point. And, he said no because his only interest is his self. I don't really fully get what he meant. But I guess we're just at the point that we each have our own self interests that being in some marriage drama would be such a hassle to our own interests. 

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