May 30, 2012

Goat is my new Religion?

These weeks, my mind probably looks like it has been tsunami-d and raped. I am in between going to clinics / laboratories, talking with doctor friends, and then family outings. When I'm dealing with my mother's health matters, I have to be happy in a bit gloomy situation. And, when I was with the family outing, I have to stop the bad feelings to creep up and ruin the purrttyy.

But as a human instinct, we always try to look for that silver lining. You know how we always say that in rough times that we learn. And, I guess it's true.

For the past years, somehow, my mother has this annual "sickness" that would really devastate me. Though, with much "maturity" and experience, looking at them now, ours is just a tiny fraction compared to others' struggles. And, though misery loves company, I'm not a bit happy of those others who have to go thru some health issues and others.

Coincidence or not, but some of my "enlightenment" usually came after my mom's sickness. I hope there's NO more to learn or else my mom would be getting sick and sick.

With my mother's health stuff (won't use the word "sick"), I had collected a few enlightenment, religion, along the way. What I meant by religion is how I'd explain my decisions and outlooks of life, how I take life. Like we don't cheat and become unfaithful or become too rich because it's against Roman Catholic religion. At firts,

Fidel Castro is my religion

I don't know how I ended up reading Fidel Castro's biography / interview. But I think it happened after my mother's first polyp operation. I guess it was because I randomly learned that Cuba has one of the best healthcare system, and i got curious as to why an unpopular country could have it. So I read Fidel Castro.

His views can be unpopular, but somehow I find peace in them. You know those unpopular thoughts we have, which no one can understand, and then finally you find that person who somehow can explain why you're having that thoughts. Then, finally, you feel more at peace because you're not that weird or stupid at all to be thinking about those thoughts.

Somehow, I feel more confident to be doing those things like not buying a couch to replace our stone-age "lantay."

Running is my religion

After the 2nd time of my nanay, I wanted her / us to be more active. How can I do that when I was not even moving too. So one of the reasons why I started running. Running has then became more than being "active." It became a religion to me. Somehow, my decisions are based on "Will this help me run 10km/hour or not? If not, then it's not necessary."

Anyway, I will no longer romanticize it.

Then, I got a feeling my new religion will be GOAT.

Goat WILL be my new religion.

Though, I'm not really sure if I could take it as I could not yet see myself give up coffee and meat. =)

Which I'm reminded of Aga Mulach's interview, way back, where he said that they only let their kids eat brown rice. And, at that time, I could not help but think that's too cruel; eating brown rice is so lifeless. But here we are, starting eating brown rice.

But I think what made me cringe more about Aga's interview was that his whole family was endorsing Jollibee. Brown rice and Jollibee???

So, this new religion would be probably hard. I still haven't tried that Army Navy everyone is talking about.

(I don't know what happen to Multiply's blog editor but it's just so sad looking. I cannot post my beautiful pics to my post.)


Therese Habana said...

How's your nanay now?
And why are you giving up coffee and meat?

rose buenconsejo said...

my nanay's owkei, thres.
noo. i'm not giving up coffee and meat. just a thought if i want to be a goat =)