May 16, 2012

Placebo Effect

Earlier, I went to the Wellnessland Clinic to inquire about their service and to get a feel of them. I guess as we are really used to the very traditional medical service set-up, I just need to have a preview of what to expect the place. I need to see if I can trust them.

I always believe that relationship with doctor matters a lot. I guess we can call it it's part of placebo effect.

I picked a Sister Doctor (nun). While waiting, I went around. They're like a group of doctors housed in one clinic. The place is owkei, no sign of smoking cauldrons. =)

But then I saw a "virginity" soap, along with other organic products, being displayed for sale.  Ooopss. Please, placebo effect, don't be shattered! =)

Anyhoo, I got to talk with the Sister Doctor. Based on our initial talk, I am trusting her! =)

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