May 28, 2012

Opening a Pandora Box

I don't know how to start this. But my mission to find cure for my mother's uterine polyps uncovered another puzzle. The doctor at wellnessland gave us orders for some laboratory tests. And, unfortunately, an alarming result related to my mother's liver  was showing.
The thing is we had the lab tests taken after 5 days she started with the wellnessland treatment. So we are unsure as to which caused the problematic lab results of her liver.
I went back to the wellnessland clinic but was entertained with a different doctor. I actually understand his stand that we need to wait for another 3 months to see the real results of their treatment.
But the gut feeling about me that I just need to hear another opinion was so strong so I sought out the help of a friend who is a doctor, who is currently having her specialization at Perpetual.
After talking to my friend, I saw how the traditional and the "alternative" camps are totally on the opposite ends of the pole.
So anyway, I followed my friend's advice to stop the alternative prescription, go back to Lipitor, and then we'll have another lab test after a week to see if taking off the Lipitor caused for the bad results concerning her liver.
So anyway, I happened to come across a website where I found articles about the negative side effects of Statin meds (Lipitor is a statin). The website is leaning on the "alternative / holistic" approach. So I googled and look for another "neutral" resource that would give me a literature about statin, and chanced upon Mayoclinic stated the different side-effects of statin, and it feels badly weird that 3 out of 4 serious side-effects have been experienced by my mother (more info here >>). The serious side-effects listed are Liver damage, Muscle problems, Increased blood sugar, neuroligical side-effects. Except for neurological side-effects, I'd seen my mother experienced the other 3. I'm not sure if this is just coincidence.
I think one of the wonders I have is that my mother's diet, far from perfect, has been strict. I would say that her diet since she had the stroke incident has been healthy that's why I could not get why 3 years ago, her sugar seems to be a bit above the normal range. She had arthritis problems which we needed to go to 3 doctors before someone had really done something right.
So anyway, my next step is to gather all my mother's old lab results data. Then, talk to all the doctors I could get my hands on and see what they can say about this.
Reference links: -- please take his views with a grain of salt
More resources about statins:

At a point, I felt crying as it's really confusing as to which is which. But I just have to have faith that maybe God is telling me something. And, I also take that my mother's uterine polyps is just a nudge to look deeper into this.
Still, God, please please continue guiding me!
Thank you very much!

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