May 15, 2012

Day 2: A Less Cloudy

I think I have to start by thanking God and the universe for keeping me calm. I thank God for giving me the gift of running. Running has really taught me how to keep myself calm in the midst of turmoil. Running has taught me to always look at the positive. And true enough, there are always more positive things we have to be thankful about.
I am scared. And one of the things I learned in life is that to fight fear is to embrace it and learn about it. Get to know it more, and the more we know about it, the more we understand it, the less daunting it is.
I had avoid for the longest time doing a research about my mother's uterine polyps / endometrial polyps because google search results can kill you more than help you.
But I have not much choice this time, and so I summon all my courage and google it. Thankfully, the resources google gave me were kind. And, if ever there were scary results, I have the courage to get through them and still see that there are more positive resources than any thing else.
Anyway, I came across a pdf book for sale online called "Miracle Fibroids," which is very good because it's uplifting to read its description and marketing pitch how it encourages women to avoid hysterectomy as much as possible. I wanted to buy it as it promises steps on how to treat fibroids. But, sorry to say this, I felt it felt spammy. All the search results I got from google felt like they're all SEO-ed articles. So instead, I went to amazon hoping that if it's available there, hoping to find reliable reviews.
But it is not available in amazon. Instead, Amazon suggested 3 titles about "fibroids," and which speak about an alternative way of dealing with fibroids aside from getting a hysterectomy. I downloaded the book, "Healing Fibroids: A Doctors Guide to a Natural Cure," and just finished reading it.
One of the reasons he cited why he does not highly recommend hysterectomy is that our uterus produces different kinds of hormones. And, if it will be totally remove so will be all the hormones that play vital roles in our body and life. It's quite a good read but don't expect that a well-laid out treatment plan will be given to you at the end of it.
But at least it will give you an idea of how to start. And, one of the things I should do is to find a doctor who believes in this philosophy -- about using our body to heal us, empowering our body to fight diseases.
Being not so keen with alternative medicine, I am groping where to find that doctor here in Cebu. Following are what I found on the internet, they are medical professionals practising acupuncture:
* Dr. Jefferson Ong --
* Dr. Felipe Lim - He's quite popular with the Chinese population here in Cebu. Contact info here >>.
* Dr. Romy Paredes -
My mother had mentioned Romy Paredes to me before but I'm so guilty for not taking it seriously at that time. I'll make an appointment with him this week, and talk to him about my concerns. I guess this time, I just have to step up and really let the doctor listen to me instead of the other way around.
Lord, please continuously guide me!

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