May 11, 2012

catching up with my age

Many times I'm being mistaken for a college kid. I'm definitely bragging. And, bragging is not complete without details.

Scene 1: Today at school, enrolling my 3 kids.

School Staff: Magsoon ni sila tanan? Puros man diay ni sila gagmay pa.
Me: O. Sunod man gud kaayo na sila nako pagkaanak.
School Staff: Aw. Imo diay ning mga anak? Abi man nako imo mga pag-umangkon. Pila diay imo edad?

Scene 2: Last last week, at yoga studio.

We were just 2 during the yoga session. The other one was a new mom to a 2-month baby. She fell asleep during the "dead" pose (i dunno what's the right term for it). When the instructor woke her up, she then explained that she was sleepless for the baby. I then inserted talking about my own "baby and sleepless" tales, and told them how I'm happy I'm over that stage.

They then gave me the confused look, and told me they thought I'm still a college girl. =)

Scene 3: Week before that yoga incident, at the starting line of a race (Coast to Coast Ultra)

At the check-in area, I had to have my race bib number and Mark's both checked. The person assigned seeing both our last names as Buenconsejo asked me if Mark and I were siblings. So I told him that he's my husband; we're married.

The staff then told me I looked too young to be married.

Scene 4: From time to time this would happen, during our runs together

When Mark and I run together, I'm usually way behind him as I'm very slow. So sometimes bystander would then comment to me how far my mate is. And, they would usually refer to him as father, or older brother. So sometimes, they would say something like, "Imo tong papa ang nag-una?" or "Hala, layua na sa imong maguwang oy."

I really do feel happy being seen as young. But sometimes, it can no longer feel funny when Mark and I looked like we're having an incestuous relationship.

Me and my papa (this was taken February, 2012)

Next Friday, I will be 31. I'm really wondering how to look that part.

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karenjen ♥ said...

youth as a disposition is a nice thing to have rosee :), over here, i am mooning on that fact. hehe