Oct 11, 2014

Can photo filters help me become that perfect "soccer mom?"

(Yesterday's thoughts)

Be careful what you wish for… Be careful what your resolution is. I promise to
make more mistakes
this year.

And, indeed I got it. The mistakes were probably fun, then thrilling, then forgivable, in the earlier quarter of the years. But then now in the last quarter, the bites from reality is now showing as really ugly bruises. I’m feeling so worn out, un-excited. Every thing seems to be so monotonous. 

I woke up 5am in the morning, Meg was crying because she had no fable story yet for her assignment. Since the internet line is down, we had to get out of the house to get a strong mobile internet connection so that google can rescue us from this “fable story crisis.” No, I’m not going to rant about my #1stworldproblem of overpriced internet subscription. 

So at 5am-ish, we were sitting on “lantay” outside the house. Meg was browsing for her fable story from the tab. While, I was just staring at the “early morning.” Oh how I miss waking up early to do my runs really early in the morning with just that dewy air around you.

I totally miss NOT being busy. (Every one has a different standard of what is busy so I’m busy based on my standard.)

And, I realized that I have enough of this self-inflicted busy-ness. I want to be able to sleep early without a jumbled task list, wake up early for my runs without a task list waiting, and has still the energy to look forward to long runs on Saturdays. I want to have my time back for making up sari-sari greeny salads in the morning, take a photo of it minus the chorizo on its side, and show it off on worldwideweb. Be that beginner in advanced yoga class. That kind of monotonous life but still i have time to choose photo filters to glamorised it up on my social sites. 

I have a long exciting list of “things” I want to do next year. But I guess I have to review them now. And maybe next year, my resolution will be: make only one good mistake. No scratch it. No more attempt on any thing. 

Maybe I should focus on being that “soccer mom.” Gawd, how i wish that “soccer mom” thing can be achieved by photo filter.

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