Oct 25, 2014

"Backpacking" trip day 6: The Girls of SAAI

(All photos from celphone + random thoughts. Camiguin trip. )

I think Mark has been feeling a better today. So we started the morning walking to the Ardent Hot Spring. It was only 3.5km away from where we stayed. It was a continuous uphill so it was not at all an easy walk though.


I love forks, and hate it at the same time. Because it's a door to an adventure, but hate it because I cannot take all the forks because "time." So yeah, often than not we go for the road most travelled.
Some house of words
What i like about Camiguin is that every one seems to have a "dignified" living. Of course i don't know them well but they seem to be self-sufficient. 
The animals look happy with their plants.
The plants are in a happy messy state. 
The people have their business among their plants and animals.
Generally, camiguin is just green.

Ardent Spring
We had breakfast at La Isla Cocina. It's the "coffee shop" sign board that got me.

If only i found a place who serves decent coffee, 100% i'll be over inlove with Camiguin! @.@

Mark said we'll go to a well-known destination Katibwasan Falls, and a less popular Saai Spring after lunch. Saai needs trekking, i guess why it's not that popular. I said let's ditch the falls, and go for the trek. But he said i must see the falls because everyone has seen it. Duh!

Owkeis. Life's too short not to take a dip in a falls, and  photoshopped your face in a poster! :)
Inlove that kiping. I guess it has to do with the "latik!" 
Falls - checked!

The Girls of Saai

So this was a bit tricky to go. The locals had this reservation of giving us directions because duh "city kids" we looked like.

Anyway, it's not really that hard. It's actually part of the town proper of Mambajao.

So anyway, on the 2nd trail head / 2nd attept we went to, as usual the locals had this reservation of instructions.

But luckily, we chanced upon the GIRLS OF SAAI! (Ow no photos of them in my celphone!)
They live in the place where wxactly is the SAAI SPRING. 

From the trail head, we trekked one hill, and then suddenly you're in what seems to be like a valley, in the middle of mountains, looking at the great outdoors of Camiguin. And my heart just melted! 

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