Oct 22, 2014

"Backpacking" trip Day 3: backpacker in the mall

SOne of the tips i often read from travellers is "keep an open mind." Like duh!

Anyhoo, it was used on this day.

We broke our "backpacker rule" for this day by getting a "van for hire" instead of "bus (public transpo.) because mark's sick.

The reason why we call this "backpacking trip" because we're gonna act like parent-financed college students going for a travel. Or whatever.

For some reason, Mark acted to "be so present" this day - meaning he did not check the details down to the T. The plan was from Panglao/tagbilaran, we'll go to Jagna, some 70km away, where we'd ride a boat to Camiguin. It sounds like a perfect plan. 

The travel to Jagna went smooth... Except that when we arrive there, there's no boat going to Camiguin. All boats were being fixed. @.@ It will be back by Wednesday. Ownose, do we need to go back to Cebu?!? (Note: only during summer time that jagna-camiguin boats travel on a daily basis. On other times, better call them.)

How did it ever happen that kind of situation to Mark?!? The mark who plans his outfit from day 1 until he comes back home. The mark who makes reservation a month in advance.

After some back and forth conversation with the people at the Jagna port, they mentioned there's a CDO-bound boat later at night in Tagbilaran. So i guess it's the most sensible option over going back to Cebu.

So after we got a pricey van to bring us smoothly to jagna, the van had to bring our asses back to tagbilaran... well at least, it was still a very smooth ride! @.@ 

Lunch at this cozy diner in valencia. 

We're dropped at Island City Mall. So basically, our 3rd day was spent at the mall.

Dinner at the port's "boulevard."

And the big boat!!! My first time after like 17 years to be in an overnight boat ride again. Call it "maarte" but it's not my thing. :( It's scary, and it reminded of a hospital.

It was eventful uneventful. Keep an open mind.

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